Featured Guest Speakers

Allie Alberigo
Bob Alexander
Deborah Angus
Jeff Cohen
Frank Crosby
Farid Dordar
Mark Glazier
Apolo Ladra
Brett Lechtenberg
Tommy Lee
Kathy Long
Michael Margolin
Lou Marvil
Mike Parrella
Tom Patire
John Pelligrini
Randy Reid
Paul Revlin
Mike Swain
Todd Taylor
David Wahl
Bill Wallace
John Whitman
Andrew Wood
Katalin Rodriguez Zamiar

Lunch/Roundtable Discussions
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  • Leadership Development
    with Bob Alexander
  • Tradition
  • Advertising: Dilemmas and Concepts
  • Web Development


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  • Sales Workshops with Tommy Lee:
    Based on Tommy Lee’s “A Step-By-Step Approach for Making the Sale,” in three segments titled:
        · Mastering the Call
        · The Planned Presentation
        · Overcoming Objections
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  • Marketing Basics:
    Plan Formulation, Budgeting and Collateral Development, with Deborah Angus

Instructional Segments
  • Strength and Conditioning, with Katalin Zamiar
  • Perfecting Grappling Techniques with Adults, with Mike Swain
  • Perfecting Grappling Techniques with Children, with Mike Swain
  • Using Multiple Classes and Music to Increase Your Bottom Line, with Apolo Ladra
  • Rape Prevention, with Kathy Long
Style Segments
  • Adult Self-Defense, with CDT’s Tom Patire
  • Combat Hapkido, with John Pellegrini
  • Secrets to Precision Kicking, with Bill Wallace
  • Krav Maga Cardio Workout, with Michael Margolin
  • Introducing Weapons: Knife Fighting and Hanbo Jutsu, with Allie Alberigo
  • Club Kickbox, A New Cardio System, with Mike Parrella
  • Sales and marketing opportunity with Krav Maga
Business and Technology Segments
  • Build Your Website, with Farid Dordar
  • Marketing on the Internet, with Andrew Wood
  • Managing and Marketing Multiple Locations, with Mike Parrella
  • Merchandising for Profitability, with David Wahl
  • Success in Small Towns, with Brett Lechtenberg
  • Improving Collections with Technology, with Jeff Cohen
  • Using Retail Sales and Merchandising Techniques to Improve Your Pro-Shop’s Bottom Line, with Paul Revlin
  • Selling Nutritional Products, with Mark Glazier
Management Segments
  • Character Quest with Frank Crosby
  • Sales Sales, Sales! with Tommy Lee
  • Preventing Dropouts, with Lou Marvil
  • Restructuring: Build/Integrate A New a Profit Model, with Todd Taylor
  • Staff Development / Team Building, with Bob Alexander
  • Black Belt Testing and the Life After, with Randy Reid
  • Implementing the “I Can” System, with Bob Alexander
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February 17 and 18, 2001, Philadelphia