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APS Testimonials
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Allie Alberigo - Long Island Ninjutsu Centers
"They're a great company. I love all the staff and they're very professional. APS did a great job for us. So, keep up the great work, and if you guys are not clients, definitely hook up with APS."

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Melody Shuman - Shuman Concepts, Inc.
"One thing that I really liked about APS billing is they're very forward-minded... a lot of high technology and their focus a lot on quality customer service. I think it's a fantastic company. I encourage anybody who has an opportunity to check out APS, to do so as soon as possible."

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Mike Brooks - Hwang Taekwondo, CT
"APS has just been an invaluable resource for us. It's just become more and more apparent that we need somebody to take care of the billing for us as opposed to me spending two days doing it... APS has just been incredible."

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Dee McCabe - Okinawan Karate Kai
"We've been using APS for two years. We love them. They are great to work with, and you can't go wrong!"

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Paul Del Sordo - Hwang Karate Studios, NJ
"They take the hassle out of the billing and collections and it gives me more time to teach my class and teach quality product. I'm very happy to be a part of APS."

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Mark Speranza - Academy of Martial Arts East, NY
"...They have taken the work out of collecting tuition from the students. They've put me in a position where I don't have to be the bad guy for the student that's having a hard time making a tuition payment. I highly recommend them and they're a "triple A" company."

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Mike Parrella - Master Parrella's Kung Fu Studio Centers, NY
"I've been an APS client for over 10 years. I think they're a fantastic company... I recommend APS for any customer for any school whether they are a seasoned professional or they're just starting out in the industry."

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Summer Howell - Tommy Lee SBSS, MD
"I can say without a shadow of a doubt that your needs were always met... in a timely fashion. APS has been a godsend... If there's ever any question, APS is definitely the right choice."

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